Bell & Howell Filmo 70A Automatic 16mm Film Cine-Camera

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Camera with Leather Handle, Lens, Empty Spool, Winding Key with Chain, Empty Spool

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SKU 62198
Warehouse Location 14B
Condition Used
Condition Rating 6
Available in our South Burlington Store? By Request Only
Buttons & Dials No issues found
Battery Compartment & Ports No issues found
Film Compartment No issues found
Viewfinder No issues found
Shutter No issues found, Not tested for accuaracy
Mount No issues found
Included Lens Taylor Hobson Cooke 1 INCH F/3.5
Front Element No issues found
Rear Element No issues found
Internal glass Haze
Cosmetics Signs of age: small areas of finish loss and brassing and few scratches.
Notes No additional notes.