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Sony Alpha A65 and A77 Feature Comparison

We recently reported on Sony's introduction of the Alpha SLT-A65 and Alpha SLT-A77. That post has received a lot of interest and we have already started to receive a lot of questions. A question that we are hearing again and again is "What are the main differences between the A65 and the A77?"  We decided there has been enough interest and enough people asking this question that we should just post the main differences here.

Sony Alpha A65 and A77 Feature ComparisonOne big factor that differentiates the two cameras is the pre-packaged kit lens. The A65 is available as body only or with the Sony 18-55mm lens as a kit. The A77 is also offered as body only, but is also offered with the new 16-50mm f/2.8 lens as a kit. That difference alone may be appealing for some customers to decide one way or the other, and there is a big difference in price to support that decision. The A65 body is $900, and the kit is $1000. The A77 body is $1400 and the kit is $2000. Customers who already have a strong investment in Sony and Minolta glass may not care too much, and will opt for the body only approach. If you are interested in the A77 and acquiring the new 16-50mm f/2.8, the kit is $100 less than buying the lens and body separately (the lens as a standalone purchase is $700).

Certainly there are more differences than just that:

A65 A77
Strong Polycarbonate Body Magnesium Alloy Body with Moisture & Dust Resistance
Up to 10 FPS with AF In Speed Priority AE Up to 12 FPS with AF In Speed Priority AE
2-Way Tilt TruBlack LCD 3-Way Tilt TruBlack LCD
15-point AF; 3-cross type 19-point AF;11-cross Type
Single Front Dial & Function Button Front & Rear Dials, top LCD Panel, Multi-direction Control Stick & Function Button
1/4000th Sec. Top Shutter Speed
1/160th Sec. Flash Sync Speed
1/8000th Sec. Top Shutter Speed
1/250th Sec. Flash Sync Speed
+ / - 3.0 EV + / - 5.0 EV
Optional Vertical Grip
DMF Direct Manual Focus Function
Programmable 3 Memory Recall Function
PC Flash Sync Post
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