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Time For A Firmware Update?

We have recently seen an increase in camera malfunctions as a result of outdated firmware and the use of newer memory cards. The most common one as of late has been with Nikon's digital SLRs and Coolpix point & shoot cameras, and their compatibility with the newer Sandisk SDHC memory cards. This affects the Coolpix P500, Coolpix L120 and the D5100 DSLR. We have also seen incompatibilities with larger capacity CF (compactflash) memory cards and the Canon EOS 5D (not Mark II). The good news is there is a fix that is simple and free: just update the camera's firmware!

Here is a list of recent firmware updates for this issue:

Nikon Coolpix P500 - Firmware Update to 1.1

Nikon Coolpix L120 - Firmware Update to 1.1

Nikon D5100 DSLR - Firmware Update to 1.01

Canon EOS 5D - Firmware Update to 1.1.1

While it is important to to keep up to date with the latest firmware, there are many cases where the updates are minor and unnoticeable. For full details on all firmware updates you should visit the manufacturers website. Detailed installation instructions are available for any firmware update. Please make sure to follow instructions exactly, and do not begin a firmware update unless you are using a fully charged battery. Visit the following links to see if you are up to date!

Canon Support 

Nikon Support

Sony Support

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