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Schneider Announces 2X Tele Lens for iPro Lens System

Schneider iPro 2X Tele Lens doubles the focal length of your iPhone camera

Schneider Optics iPro 2x Tele Lens

A little while ago we reported on the Schneider iPro Lens System. This system allows you to attach high-quality wide-angle lenses to your iPhone camera. A lot of people thought that was great, but also wondered about telephoto lenses to help get closer to subjects. Schneider Optics heard the demand and has just announced plans to release a 2x Tele Lens that will double the focal length of the iPhone's built-in camera.

The iPhone has a 30mm (35mm equivalent) focal length lens with the built-in camera. The Schneider iPro 2x Tele Lens doubles that focal length to 60mm (35mm equivalent), and it does so without compromising image quality. This will make the iPhone a much better camera for taking pictures of things like portraits, or allowing you to get a little bit closer to action that is taking place farther away. Right now you can crop your iPhone images to get tighter compositions, but cropping images also reduces the quality of the image by reducing its overall resolution.

The Schneider iPro 2x Tele Lens (0IP-TC00-00) will retail for $99. Schneider claims there will be new "kits" available soon. We assume that means there will be a wide-angle lens + 2x tele lens kit, etc..

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