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Leica Hints at the Release of a new "Mini M" Camera

Leica Hints at Mini M Camera

Today, Leica updated their Facebook Cover Photo with the above image. As the photo indicates, Leica will be unveiling a new "Mini M" digital camera on the 11th of June. The placement of the "Mini M" sandwiched between the Leica M and the Leica X2 (what Leica is referring to as the "Micro M") suggests the camera will include features and a price-point that are in the middle of the Leica M and Leica X2.

This announcement conjures up memories of the Leica CL. The CL was Leica's smallest and lightest rangefinder camera. The CL featured a M bayonet lens mount, so M-mount lenses were accepted.

Will the new "Mini M" be a full-frame version of the X2 with a fixed-mount lens? Or, will it be something more, like the CL--accepting interchangeable M-mount lenses? I guess only time will tell, but it won't be too long as June 11th is less than 3 weeks away!

You can sign up to be notified of the Leica "Mini M" unveiling on June 11th here.


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