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  • Sony Announces E-Mount Lens Expansion, Promises 5 New Lenses

    Sony E-Mount Lens Roadmap

    Click image for larger view

    Sony has announced intentions to grow their E-mount (Sony Alpha NEX Cameras) lens assortment significantly over the next two years, and plans to offer a total of  15 E-mount lenses in market by the end of 2013.   For those doing the math, that amounts to 8 new lenses in addition to the 7 currently offered.  Though official specs of the new lenses have yet to be released, we are able to share what Sony intends to offer for these 5 new lenses:


    1.  High-Magnification Zoom Lens
    2. Standard Zoom Lens
    3. Large Aperture, Standard Fixed-Focal Length Lens


    1. Mid-Magnification Zoom Lens
    2. Snap, Pancake Fixed-Focal Length Lens

    Any guesses on specifics? Check the chart above to see what is already being offered to help fill in the blanks.


  • Zeiss Camera Lens News Issue No. 40 - Macro Photography

    More than 3 months ago Zeiss transformed their Camera Lens Newsletter into a blog. The previous newsletter was a series of articles assembled in an easy to download, print and/or view PDF file. The new blog format has the advantage of being more current and up-to-date by providing instant publishing of current topics. The Zeiss Camera Lens Newsletter is now simply a collection of blog posts for the last quarter (3 months), usually on a given subject or topic. This CLN is on macro photography, and the articles can be found here.

    Our favorite articles are Mozart in Miniature, and the ongoing series of articles about Zeiss lens names with this one highlighting Planar. Mozart in Miniature helps to highlight the detail and artistic bokeh of the 100mm f/2 Makro-Planar, a customer favorite for our store.

    Also, although this is not exactly on-topic in regards to Camera Lens News, it does involve Zeiss lenses. The Zeiss M-mount lenses continue to be tight in supply. Luckily, we have started to see more and more come through the pipeline. More recently we have received the Biogon T* 35mm f/2, which can be found here.

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