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  • Benj Gershman and O.A.R.

    This is a different kind of post for us, but is pertinent in the sense that it relates to camera equipment and photography.

    Last night I went to an O.A.R. concert at Burlington's Waterfront Park.

    Burlington Waterfront Park ConcertIf you have never had the chance to enjoy the waterfront of Lake Champlain, it is a real treat, and one of the most beautiful spots in Burlington. It is also a big reason why many people travel to Burlington. Seeing a concert on the waterfront is a really cool experience. While watching a show you have terrific views of (if the weather cooperates) a beautiful sunset over the Adirondack Mountains of New York, which are visible just across Lake Champlain.

    Last night in between songs, and as the sun was setting, the band members of O.A.R. were taking a moment or two to take in the scenery, commenting on how beautiful the venue was. At one point, I glanced over at the bassist, Benj Gershman, and couldn't help but notice he was taking some photographs of the sunset laid out before him. I got pretty excited too, because it was unmistakable to pick out the camera he was using. Propped up in his hands was that solid classic, the Pentax 67.

    Pentax 67 Medium Format Film Camera

    Pentax 67 Medium Format Film Camera

    I thought it was pretty cool to see a famous musician taking photographs during an actual set, using none other than a classic medium format film camera. So, today I figured I would do a little research and look into things a little more. Lo and behold, Benj is an avid photographer, and has a website dedicated to his photography at We recommend you check out his work. It is pretty cool and he definitely has a creative eye.

    If used and classic camera equipment excites you as much as it excites us, we recommend you check out our website dedicated to the stuff. You can find all of our used camera equipment listed at

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