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  • Schneider Announces 2X Tele Lens for iPro Lens System

    Schneider iPro 2X Tele Lens doubles the focal length of your iPhone camera

    Schneider Optics iPro 2x Tele Lens

    A little while ago we reported on the Schneider iPro Lens System. This system allows you to attach high-quality wide-angle lenses to your iPhone camera. A lot of people thought that was great, but also wondered about telephoto lenses to help get closer to subjects. Schneider Optics heard the demand and has just announced plans to release a 2x Tele Lens that will double the focal length of the iPhone's built-in camera.

    The iPhone has a 30mm (35mm equivalent) focal length lens with the built-in camera. The Schneider iPro 2x Tele Lens doubles that focal length to 60mm (35mm equivalent), and it does so without compromising image quality. This will make the iPhone a much better camera for taking pictures of things like portraits, or allowing you to get a little bit closer to action that is taking place farther away. Right now you can crop your iPhone images to get tighter compositions, but cropping images also reduces the quality of the image by reducing its overall resolution.

    The Schneider iPro 2x Tele Lens (0IP-TC00-00) will retail for $99. Schneider claims there will be new "kits" available soon. We assume that means there will be a wide-angle lens + 2x tele lens kit, etc..

  • Schneider Optics iPro Lens System for the Apple iPhone 4/4s

    If you like taking photographs with your iPhone and have been looking to get better quality wide-angle images, check out the iPro Lens System by Schneider Optics. Schneider is a recognized name in the photo industry that is synonymous with quality.

    The iPro Lens System is a kit that includes the following:

    • iPhone 4/4s case.
    • Wide angle lens that provides 35% more coverage than the standard lens on the iPhone.
    • Fish-eye lens with a 165 degree angle-of-view.
    • Handle that attaches to the case and also stores the two lenses. Can also mount to a tripod.
    iPro Lens System case without lens

    iPro Lens System case without lens mounted

    The iPro Lens System case is a necessary accessory to mount the iPro lenses. The case features a bayonet mount located over the iPhone's internal camera. The iPro lenses slide into this mount and twist to lock in place.

    iPro Lens System Case with Lens Mounted

    iPro Lens System Case with lens mounted

    The case also features two small screw holes--each on opposite sides of the phone--where the included handle can mount. The camera can be oriented on either the right or left side depending on which hole you mount the handle.

    iPro Lens System case with handle screw mount

    Mounting hole for iPro Lens System handle

    The handle provides a sturdier grip for holding the phone, which is especially useful when taking video. The bottom of the handle also features a 1/4"-20 screw hole where you can attach any standard tripod. This is especially useful anywhere minimizing shake and blur is essential.

    iPro Lens System with handle and lenses

    The handle also doubles as a storage container for the two included lenses. The handle simply unscrews in two different places to reveal storage for the lenses.

    iPro Lens System Handle Lens Storage

    Schneider boasts the included wide-angle lens provides a 35% wider field than the standard view of the iPhone's internal camera. Schneider states the wide-angle lens has a 19mm focal length equivalent to 35mm photography for still photos. The fish-eye lens provides a 165 degree field-of-view, and is equivalent to a 12mm lens for still photos.

    Check out the photos of Charlie below to get an idea of the differences in lenses:

    iPhone without the iPro Lens System

    iPhone without the iPro Lens System

    iPhone with iPro Lens System Wide-Angle Lens

    iPhone with iPro Lens System Wide-Angle Lens

    iPhone with iPro Lens System Fish-Eye Lens

    iPhone with iPro Lens System Fish-Eye Lens

    The iPro Lens System can be purchased from our website here.

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