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  • New, Strapless Camera Carrying Solutions

    Straps are a pain in the front

    Let's face it, camera straps are a pain in the gut. Or a pain in the chest. Well, the traditional kind of camera strap, that is. The BlackRapid camera strap revolutionized the way we carry cameras...on a strap. Ever since the advent, and success, of the BlackRapid camera strap, a race to find the next revolutionary way to carry a camera seems to have taken flight.

    Three companies have shined in the "strapless" camera carrying solution. Notice "strapless" in quotations. The quotations are necessary because these products still require a belt. Some may argue a belt is a kind of strap. In this case, however, it is a more positive strap. A belt is multipurpose. It can keep you pants up, carry your camera, and all-the-while reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. The BlackRapid family of straps are wonderful. Don't get me wrong. But, carry a professional, heavy SLR around with a good sized, fast aperture lens, and your shoulder and neck are still going ache at the end of a long shooting day.

    The three companies I alluded to in the previous paragraph are CPTech, Peak Design and Spider. They manufacture the B-Grip EVO, Capture Camera Clip, and Black Widow, respectively. Spider also manufactures a "beefier" solution called the SpiderPro SCS (single camera system).

    b-grip evo quick-release camera carrying belt

    B-GRIP EVO Quick-Release Camera Carrying Belt

    The B-Grip EVO is a light-weight plastic solution that includes a carrying belt. The included belt is not required, however; and it is possible to use your own belt with the B-Grip system. If you already have a belt on, you might as well use it. The B-Grip EVO features a quick-release plate that attaches to the bottom of your camera. It looks very similar to tripod quick-release plates you have seen before, and is compatible with the following tripods/heads (mostly Velbon and Manfrotto models). The B-Grip plate is set securely so your camera is unable to swing as you walk and move. There is also a lock that keeps your camera safe from accidentally coming off. See that longer piece of plastic below the quick-release? That helps to distribute the weight of the camera while it is mounted on the B-Grip. It sells for $59.95

    Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

    Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

    The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip is very similar to the B-Grip holster. It does not include a carrying belt, however; but, it can attach to most any belt you would already be wearing. It has a more robust feeling build than the B-Grip. It is made from lightweight aluminum, and is durable. The Capture Camera Clip also includes a quick-release plate that locks into the system. With the push of a button it can be released. Like the B-Grip, there are no moving or swinging parts. Unlike the B-Grip, the quick-release plate can mount on any tripod head that accepts arca-swiss style plates. It sells for $79.99.



    Spider Holster Black Widow for lightweight DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras

    Spider Black Widow Holster

    The Spider Black Widow camera holster is similar to both the B-Grip and the Capture Camera Clip in that it attaches to pretty much any belt. It is also like the Capture Camera Clip in that a belt is not included. Unlike both the B-Grip and the Capture Camera Clip, there is no quick-release plate...only a pin. The pin is great for being able to quickly let your camera "fall" into the holster. There is an automatic locking mechanism that keeps the pin from jumping out of the holster. With the flick of your finger, you can release the pin and pull your camera out. The disadvantage of the pin is that it allows your camera to swing while sitting in the holster. In addition, it cannot double as a quick-release plate for a tripod head, but there is an optional pin that is designed to attach to your tripod's quick-release plate. It sells for $49.99.

    Spider Pro SCS (Single Camera System) Camera Holster Belt

    Spider Pro SCS (Single Camera System) Camera Holster Belt

    The SpiderPro SCS is perhaps the best solution for large, professional cameras. The included belt is necessary. Unlike the above systems, the SpiderPro SCS cannot be used with existing belts. The included belt is hefty, and helps to distribute a large camera's weight. The padded section just behind the camera is especially nice, and keeps the hips comfortable. Like the Black Widow holster, the camera is free to swing around. The SpiderPro SCS does include a plate that, although cannot work directly as a quick-release plate for tripods, a tripod quick-release plate can be mounted to it. It sells for $135.

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