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Used Equipment Condition Ratings Guide

Please use this ratings guide as an overall indicator of the cosmetic condition of our used equipment. All of our used equipment is in working order unless otherwise noted in the item's description. Please use this scale and the equipment's pictures to get an overall idea of the item's condition and past usage. We do note any major cosmetic flaws in our descriptions, but we will not note every scratch or ding, etc..

A note about lenses: Almost every used lens (and some new lenses) we see have some minor internal dust. This type of internal debris has no effect on image quality. We will only note internal dust/debris in lenses if it has an effect on image quality.

10: 96% - 100% of original cosmetic condition

Item has very faint use wear and overall looks like-new. Wear is only visible upon close inspection. At arms length the equipment looks like-new. The previous owner(s) most likely barely used the equipment, and/or probably took great pains to keep it protected.

9: 90% - 95% of original cosmetic condition

Equipment has noticeable use wear but it is very minor. There may be some small surface scratches/bright marks. Overall the item is very clean and looks to be used infrequently and/or taken very good care of.

8: 85% to 89% of original cosmetic condition

Equipment has noticeable use wear under average lighting and at normal distances, but overall in clean condition. Minor scratches, rub marks, and/or faint paint loss are common. There may be some hardly noticeable dings. Wear is most likely around most common areas liked near tripod mounts, etc.. This type of wear was most likely caused by normal use for a frequent photographer, but the previous owner(s) used protective gear whenever possible.

7: 75% - 84% of original cosmetic condition

Equipment looks like it was used by a professional photographer and/or the previous owner(s) most likely did not use protective gear. Paint loss, brassing and scratches are most likely common. Dings/minor dents may be present. Rubber pieces may have deteriorated. Wear goes beyond the more common areas like tripod mounts, etc.. Equipment could probably use a good CLA to ensure everything is calibrated to factory specification as light meters may be off, etc..

6: 74% - less of original cosmetic condition

Equipment is ugly. It is advised to have this equipment checked out and calibrated. Parts may be loose. Rubber is deteriorated. Heavy paint loss and scratches are most likely common. Brassing and dings are most likely common. Dents are highly possible. Equipment may have been dropped, and was overall not treated kindly and/or was used all the time, and most likely without protective gear. This type of equipment is relatively very inexpensive, but is probably risky for long-term durability and integrity.


These items were sold new but returned for some reason. All returned items are checked out, and, unless noted, are in like-new condition cosmetically and in functionality. Also, unless otherwise noted, these items include all of the original accessories that were prepackaged with the product. Returned items are, in most cases, slightly used, and may therefore have opened packaging, worn (or no) tags, etc.. Cameras may have a minimal number of actuations. Due to the nature of returned items being slightly used, we do offer these products at a discount.