Green Mountain Camera offers professional photo printing and finishing services at competitive prices in the Burlington, Vermont area. We also work with customers across the country to provide our high quality printing and finishing services.

At Green Mountain Camera you can create standard photo prints like 4x6s, 5x7s, or 8x10s; large format prints like 11x14s, 16x20s, and much larger; custom photo books, and so much more.

We also offer a huge array of services like video transfers, film processing, passport photos, photo restorations, and film and print scanning.

We offer an extremely popular laminated product, which we call Fine Art Lamination. If you’ve heard of Silver Maple Lamination, which many people were sad to lose with the close of The Photogarden, this is the same, exact product. We were able to partner with the same manufacturing facility to bring back the same laminated product. If you were unfamiliar with Silver Maple, you have to see our Fine Art Laminations. This is a great alternative to framing, and is a beautiful, ready-to-hang way to display your work.