Time can be cruel to photographs, but our professional photo restoration services can help combat the ill effects of time. We can handle just about any project, big or small. From minor touch-ups to intense full restorations, we do it all. We are also able to add or remove objects from photos, or restore documents, like old maps. Have something unique? Let us know!

Our restorations are affordable and fast. Simple projects can take as little as a couple of days, but more complicated ones will take a bit longer. Unlike other services, however, it won’t take weeks to complete your restoration. Prices start for as little as $20, and most restorations we see range between $20 and $60. More complicated jobs can be more, but we are happy to provide a quote before proceeding. In fact, most projects start with a quote.

Restorations do not have to be delivered in person. We can work with you online. We just need a digital file of your image to work from. If you do not have a digital file, then we will need to first scan your image to perform the restoration. In that case, either bring in, or mail us, your photo, and we are happy to make the scan for you.

Scroll to see the types of restorations we typically perform.

full restorations

Do you have a photo so badly damaged or aged you think there’s no hope, that you’re stuck with it as is? You don’t have to live with damaged photos. Restored photos preserve the past and make great gifts for family and friends. You’d be amazed at what we can restore!

UV Damage and faded photos

Sunlight and time are harsh to photos, and especially to their color. It’s recommended that images are kept either in a dedicated photo album or a dark place for a reason. Our restoration experts can bring back and enhance the original colors in a photo. The colors of restored images will look as good as the day they were originally printed or developed.

B&W to Color conversion (“colorize”)

Do you have a black and white photo you want to bring to life in color? Let our artists creatively color your old black and white pictures. Plus, if your photo has damage or imperfections, we can handle restoring your photo at the same time. 

add, remove, or relocate content

Did your grandson not show up to the family reunion? Did you just go through a breakup, and the only photos you have of yourself are with your ex? Did your otherwise really great selfie get photo-bombed? Don’t fret! Our expert restorers are whizzes at adding, removing, or relocating content from photos!

photo enhancements and touch-ups

Back-lit scenes, too dark, too light, or faded colors, are all common problems in photography. Unfortunately, moments are usually unique and can’t be recreated, which is where our restoration experts can really help. We can enhance your photos and make them pop, or make dark subjects more visible.