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Green Mountain Camera is committed to providing the best quality prints possible to our Burlington, Vermont area customers and beyond. It all starts with our equipment. Green Mountain Camera still processes every standard size print (8×12 and smaller) on a “wet lab.” We’ve found this type of machine to provide the best quality print possible. In addition, every photo is reviewed and adjusted (unless you request us not to) by one of our experienced lab technicians to ensure the best possible quality of your print.



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What is the Member Price?

For less than $10 a year, our membership gains you access to huge discounts on printing, gifting, and more! The next time you're in our store, ask an associate about how you can save all year long on printing. Many of our members save the year-long membership price on their very first order! If you were to order just 84 4x6 prints, you'd save more with the discount than the membership costs. It makes having the membership a no-brainer. Plus! Now Photo Discount Members get up to 25 FREE prints a month. See details at our Membership page.

Printing Your Photos FAQ

Q: How long does it take to print my photos?

A: It depends on the number of photos you order, but typically within an hour (standard prints only, large format prints take longer). Larger orders will take a lot more time to print. In addition, if our photo lab is currently handling a lot of volume, like Member Wednesdays, it may take longer for your order to be completed. Customer orders are printed in the order they are received. We also offer an instant service for customers looking to get a couple of prints from their phone.

Q: How will I know when my print order is ready?

A: When you check out of making a print order, make sure to provide your correct email address. We’ll shoot you an email when your prints are ready to be picked up.

Q: Can I get a couple of prints from my phone right away?

A: Yes! We have a Fuji GetPix Dash order station for instant prints! Orders can be started any time by visiting and uploading the photos you want printed. You’ll then receive a special code to use in our store to print your photos. Please note that this service offers only glossy 4×6 and 4×4 prints, are more expensive because they use a different process that is more costly for us too, and do not qualify for member discounts.

Q: What are “Member Wednesdays”?

A: We offer a membership that unlocks great pricing for printing and photo services. Every Wednesday, members enjoy $0.11 4×6 prints with no quantity restrictions or minimums. Regular 4×6 pricing for members is just $0.17.

Q: Can I order prints online?

A: Absolutely! Online ordering is fast and easy, and can be started by clicking here.

Q: If I order prints online, can I pick them up in store?

A: Yes! You can pick up your online orders in store for free. Orders picked up in store can be paid for online or in person at the time of pick up.

Q: I don’t live near your store. Can prints get mailed to me?

A: Certainly! We charge a flat rate of $4.95 for mailing print orders.

Q: Can I order prints from my phone?

A: Yes! Use the same link for ordering prints online to order prints right from your phone. We’ve made it easy to order prints from any smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.). There is no need to download any software or apps. If you come to our store to order prints from your phone our order stations have an easy way to get the photos off of your phone and into your hands, and we’ll be delighted to show you how that’s done.

Q: Can I come in to your store to order prints?

A: Of course! Many of our customers order prints from in our store. We have 7 order stations, and staff available to help. If you are looking to get your photos printed but are unsure where to start, stop in and we will show you how!

Q: What are “high quality” prints?

A: Our standard prints are made using a “wet-lab”, which many refer to as real photographic prints. We use silver paper that has to stay in the dark until it is exposed with your image, and chemicals to develop the print. This creates a deep, vibrant print as the silver is embedded in the paper. In addition, our lab staff review every single one of your images, and enhance them (lighten/darken, increase saturation, etc.) by hand and as necessary for a better final product. This is unlike other print services you may find where your images are sent straight to a printer with no quality control in-between.