photo scanning services

Scan any reflective media like prints, artwork or documents with a size up to 8×12, and turn them into digital files for sharing online, reprinting, or restoring. Print scan pricing depends on resolution and quantity. The larger the quantity scanning order, the cheaper the per scan price!

Please note that all prints need to be clean and free of any adhesive, tape, etc.. Beside minor dust removal, we are unable to clean photos. Anything more than minor, loose dust will become part of the final scan. Also, all photos or documents must be removed from frames before scanning.

Standard Resolution Photo Scan Pricing

300 DPI at document size.






Price (per scan)





High Resolution Scan Pricing

1200 DPI at document size.



Price (per scan)


Transfer files to CD/DVD (provided) or to your USB drive

No charge for file transfer when USB drive is purchased from us at the same time of scanning project.

File collation fee

$0.10 per scan
We’ll name and keep your files in a particular order.

album handling fee

$0.10 per scan
Keep your photos or negatives in your albums–no need to remove them first. Please note we can’t be held liable for damage caused to images during album handling. Album pages, especially older ones, can stick to images and cause irreparable damage while attempting to remove images.

Photo Discount Member pricing

10% off all scanning services.

What is the Member Price?

For less than $10 a year, our membership gains you access to huge discounts on printing, gifting, and more! The next time you're in our store, ask an associate about how you can save all year long on printing. Many of our members save the year-long membership price on their very first order! If you were to order just 100 4x6 prints, you'd save more with the discount than the membership costs. It makes having the membership a no-brainer. Plus! Now Photo Discount Members get up to 25 FREE prints a month. See details at our Membership page.