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Used Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 w/Tessar & Meyer Gorlitz Lenses - Pls Read Description

Includes: Camera Body, Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 15cm F/4.5 Lens, Hugo Meyer Gorlitz 3 1/8" F/6.3 Wide Angle Aristostigmat Lens, (4) 4x5 Film Holders, Film Pack Adapter, (2) Ground Glass.
SKU: 71530

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Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 71530
Warehouse Location 8C
Condition Used
Condition Rating 6
Available in our South Burlington Store? By Request Only
Standards & Rails No issues found
Bellows No issues found
Film Holder No issues found
Viewer No issues found
Included Lens Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 15cm F/4.5, Hugo Meyer Gorlitz 3 1/8" F/6.3 Wide Angle Aristostigmat
Front Element No issues found
Rear Element No issues found
Internal glass Haze, Fungus
Shutter See notes
Aperture See notes
Cosmetics Camera is in overall rough condition with: tarnish and corrosion on metal parts, peeling leatherette and wear. SEE PHOTOS.
Notes Carl Zeiss lens has internal haze and fungus between cemented elements. Apperture is very stiff. Front shutter sticks on Bulb and Time and will not close until reset to a different speed and tripped again. Focal plane shutter looks brittle and may be misaligned. Hugo Meyer Gorlitz lens has haze and fungus, stuck apperture and broken shutter. Issues have been described to the best of our knowledge, more issues may present themselves with further testing. This item is being sold AS IS, with all of it's faults, for PARTS OR REPAIR, NO RETURNS will be accepted.