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Nissin MG8000 Extreme Speedlight Flash for Canon E-TTL DSLR Cameras

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Key Features:

Extreme High Heat Resistance
High heat resistance materials and quartz tube design reduce the heat effects significantly, emitting full flash power without overheating problems.

Quartz Tube Design
Capture the important moments reliably in the extreme case of high power and high frequency flash shooting, without concerns about overheating your flash.

Equipped with diffuser
You can greatly expand the flash illumination angle and soften the shadows from direct flash lighting, suitable for portrait photography.

Perfect combination
The high-performance Nissin Power Pack PS300 (sold separately) can speed up the recycle time, perfect for high-power, high-speed shooting.

Color and Auto Rotate Display
The Color Display will automatically detect the camera's position and rotate the display accordingly. The six-icon interface provides user-friendly operation with easy access to the following modes -- Auto, TTL, Manual/Av, Multi, Wireless TTL (Master/Remote) and Customer Setting.

Various Functions -- TTL, Manual, Av Priority, Multi-Flash

  • TTL: Flash output is automatically controlled by the camera but the flash exposure value can be compensated.
  • Manual: Flash power can be adjusted manually at 22 levels, from full power to 1/128 power at every 1/3 stops. The appropriate distance to the subject is shown in the display in accordance with the aperture value set on the camera.
  • Av Priority: The flash light can be automatically controlled by the photo sensor in the flash unit instead of TTL metering. The f-stop can be set from F1.4~F16.
  • Multi-Flash: The power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128.

The best solution for off-camera flash use
The MG8000 Extreme can be used jointly with your original system flash as either Master and Remote (Slave).The MG8000 Extreme also supports digital (pre-flash system) and analog (film type camera flash) and/or studio flash under both Manual and Av. priority mode.


The MG8000 Extreme provides an extra small flash (GN12) below the main flash. This small flash provides fill-in light while bouncing the main flash. Bouncing the light may shadow the underside of face, and this fill-in flash brightens the shadow. The power ratio of Sub-Flash can be set from 1/1 to 1/128.

TTL exposure level is accurately calibrated for standard balance in accordance with Nissin's standard. If any adjustment is required, or if you like to set your own level, it can be adjusted for about +3Ev. ~ -3Ev. by every 1/3 step.

Quick Loading Battery Magazine
A convenient battery magazine orients all four AA-size batteries in the same direction, so that batteries can be correctly inserted without fail even in poor light.

External Service Box
External Power Pack Socket - For optional Nissin Power Pack PS300.
X-Terminal - For flash synchronization.
USB Service Port - For firmware updates.

Rear Curtain Sync and High Speed Shutter
In rear curtain sync., the flash fires just before the rear curtain is closed. By using this function at slow shutter speeds, subjects can be captured clearly while the surroundings (particularly moving light sources) show motion. High speed sync is recommended for daylight flash photography.

Firmware Update
A firmware upgrade service is available for the MG8000 Extreme, which provides a USB service terminal to upload the latest software.

Included Accessories:

  • Soft Case
  • Flash Diffuser
  • Table Stand
  • Instruction Manual

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 27526
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Manufacturer Part Number MG8C
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Manufacturer Nissin