Petri Penta V Film SLR Camera w/ Orikkor Kuribayashi CC 50mm F/2 Lens - AS IS

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Quick Overview

Camera Body, Lens with Front Cap.

Additional Info

Warehouse Location 13D
SKU 65749
Condition For parts or not working
Condition Rating 9
Available in our South Burlington Store? By Request Only
Power On N/A
Flash N/A
Hot Shoe N/A
Buttons & Dials No issues found
Battery Compartment & Ports N/A
Information Display N/A
Film Compartment No issues found
Viewfinder No issues found
Shutter Not functional, See notes
Light Meter N/A
Lens Mount Breech Lock
Mount No issues found
Included Lens Kuribayashi C. C. Petri Orikkor 50mm F/2
Front Element No issues found
Rear Element No issues found
Internal glass Fungus, See notes
Focus No issues found
Lens Zoom N/A
Aperture No issues found
Stabilization N/A
Cosmetics Numbers etched on base. Prism housing has a very small shallow dent. Bottom of mirror/prism housing under lens mount has scratches.
Notes Shutter is frozen and will not wind nor fire. Shutter curtain is wrinkled. Lens has some internal fungus and possible separation.