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Digital Photo Printing and Enlargements

Standard Print Pricing Table

Wait Time:
Typically 2 hours or less. Varies based on order volume in lab.

Size Price Member Price
3.5x5 $0.29 $0.17
4x6 $0.29 $0.17
4.5x6 $0.49 $0.35
5x7 $0.99 $0.71
5x5 $0.99 $0.71
6x6 $1.29 $0.89
6x8 $1.29 $0.89
8x8 $2.49 $1.79
8x10 $2.99 $2.24
8x12 $2.99 $2.24
4x10 $1.69 $1.34
Wallets (2-Up) $0.99 $0.71
Wallets (8-Up) $2.99 $2.24

Express Prints

Wait Time:
Typically while you wait. Varies based on print quantity.

Size Price Member Price
4x6 $0.39 $0.35

About Our Printing

Green Mountain Camera is committed to providing the best quality prints possible in the greater Burlington area, and Vermont at large. It all starts with our equipment. Although more difficult to run and maintain, Green Mountain Camera still processes every standard size print (8x12 and smaller) on a "wet lab." We've found this type of machine to provide the best quality print possible. In addition, every photo is reviewed by one of our experienced lab technicians to ensure the quality of your image.

What is the member price?

For less than $10 a year, our membership card gains you access to huge discounts on printing, gifting, and more! The next time you're in our store, ask an associate about how you can save all year long on printing.