Pony Premo No. 2 4x5 Large Format Film Camera - DISPLAY ONLY PARTS

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SKU 66932
Warehouse Location 7C
Condition For parts or not working
Condition Rating 8
Available in our South Burlington Store? By Request Only
Standards & Rails No issues found
Bellows Not light-tight, See notes
Film Holder No issues found
Viewer No issues found
Included Lens Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear 5x7
Front Element No issues found
Rear Element No issues found
Internal glass Minor dust, Fungus, Separation, See notes
Shutter Innacurate, See notes
Aperture No issues found
Cosmetics Marks on wood surface from use. Some pitting on rail chrome finish. Leatherette is in good condition. Lens is missing face plate.
Notes PLEASE NOTE the included lens is NOT the original lens it WILL NOT FOCUS on this camera, it is missing parts, and it is slightly too long for the camera to close, this lens is included for DISPLAY ONLY. It does not engage the door latch. Bellows are missing leather finish, some of which remains at the attachment point. Bellows are not light tight with few small holes at the corners of folds. Viewfinder has some mirror pitting. Lens shutter is not accurate, with T and B working properly but the rest of speeds being the same/instant. Internal glass shows some dust, a spot of fungus and balsam separation at the perimeter towards rear element. Ground glass has an X mark in pencil in the center.