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Sell Your Gear

Green Mountain Camera is interested in your used digital cameras, film cameras, lenses, antique camera equipment, and photographica. If you have used camera gear you want to sell or trade, please follow the three easy steps below.

Make a list

Make a list of your used camera gear. Make sure to include the physical condition of each used camera item. This ensures we provide you with the most accurate quote.

Get it to us

The best way is to email your list to Otherwise, get us a list of your used camera equipment by any of the other methods to the left.

Relax and wait

Once we receive your list of used camera gear we will contact you as soon as we have a quote. Our response time varies depending on the current number of submissions, so please be patient (we get a lot of requests). If you have any questions at all or you require an expedited quote, just contact us using any of the information to the left, or by emailing
For information on how to rate your used camera equipment, please check out our Used Equipment Condition Ratings Guide
Not only do we buy used camera gear, we also sell used camera gear!