We buy used camera gear

Three easy steps to sell or trade your camera gear:

Step 1

Send us a list of the camera gear you want to sell or trade using the web form below.

Step 2

We’ll review your list of camera gear and send you a rough estimate of what we think we can offer you for your used gear.

Step 3

  • If you are comfortable with the estimate, you can either drop off your gear at our retail store, or we can send you a prepaid mailing label to send us your gear.
  • We’ll double check everything to confirm the cosmetic and mechanical conditions.
  • Finally, we’ll provide you with a firm offer to buy or trade your camera gear.

Used Equipment Grading Guide


97% to 100% of original condition. Only very close inspection will reveal any wear. Viewed at arms length, item appears as new. Perfect glass.


90% to 96% of original condition. Gear has been well cared for and is exceptionally nice, but is obviously a used item to the naked eye. Perfect glass.

Very Good

80% to 89% of original condition. Shows average wear for age of item. Small surface marks or slight dings may be present. Glass may have minor imperfections that do not affect image quality.


70% to 79% of original condition. More than average wear for the age of the item. Obvious dings or surface loss. Glass has more than minor imperfections, but image quality should still remain unaffected.


The item works, but is ugly. Think rough. Glass will have more major imperfections like haze or fungus that affect image quality.

Parts or Repair

Gear does not work. Cosmetic condition could be mint to acceptable, but because the item does not work it is classified for parts or repair.

“Why would I want to trade my camera gear instead of selling it?”

Trading will get you greater value for your camera gear. Typically around 10% more value. We’d like your next purchase to be with us, so we give you a little incentive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you purchase everything? Is there anything you are not interested in buying?

Although we do not like to turn anything away, we do not purchase everything that comes our way. We will consider everything, however. Camera gear that is seriously “loved”, or not in working condition, is usually not going to be of interest to us. There are exceptions, like, but not limited to, collectibles that are worth repairing, or some cameras with value as “parts”. Also, it takes a lot of effort to evaluate, clean up, track, and sell used cameras, so camera gear with little value or interest in the marketplace is not going to be worthwhile for us to pursue.See also our general overview of what we are buying and not buying below.

The process can be relatively quick. We try to respond to all requests within 1 to 2 business days. Our response time depends on workload as we handle all inquiries on a first come, first serve basis. Once we provide a rough estimate, the timing of the next step then depends on how quickly we get your gear in our possession to do a final evaluation. Dropping it off is usually the fastest way to get us your gear for our final evaluation. The final evaluation takes another business day or two. Once a final offer is accepted, we either issue a check, or put money on an account for you (in the case of a trade), in about 1 business day. Please note that large lots take substantially longer. One lens takes hardly any time at all to complete a final evaluation, while a lot of several lenses and cameras, plus accessories, may take us several days to get through. We do test everything to ensure it is all working as expected.

This is for your protection. Theft, especially of valuable electronics, is a real and sometimes common thing.

Nope. We apply your trade value as a store credit on your customer account. You can use that credit as quickly or slowly as you want. You can also use that credit on anything we sell or on any services we provide.

“Why would I want to sell or trade with you? Couldn’t I get more money selling my camera gear to an end user?”

You’re absolutely right that you could get more selling your camera gear to an end user. At the end of the day, we have overhead to pay, and need to make a profit. There are a few things to consider, however.

Zero Fraud

With us, you know our check will clear or your trade value will be there waiting to get used. You won’t be asked to accept shady payment methods that ultimately get refused by the bank.

Peace of mind

By selling or trading your used camera gear to us you will not have to worry about a buyer contacting you down the road with issues. We do not get buyer’s remorse, either.

Save time and frustration

Sell or trade all of your used camera gear at once. No need to organize multiple sales, meet people you don’t know, or ship items and hope it works out.

what we’re buying

Camera gear we are always interested in buying or trading

what we’re not buying

Camera gear we typically pass on buying

“Where can I buy used camera gear?”

Used camera gear can be found by browsing our online shop.

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