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Green Mountain Camera is interested in your used digital cameras, film cameras, lenses, antique camera equipment, and photographica. If you have used camera gear you want to sell or trade, please send us a list of what you have using the form below, or using one of the contact methods to the right. Once we receive your list, we’ll give you a range of approximately what we are willing to pay, or trade, for your gear. If you are happy with the range, the next step is getting your equipment to us to finalize a quote.

If you’re looking to browse the used gear we have available for sale, please visit our online shop.

What customers are saying:

The overall process was easy. I traded my older Nikon gear. It made my upgrade cheaper. I also got more out of my gear by trading vs getting a check.

Steve N.

My father left me a large collection of cameras. I could have spent a lot of time putting them on eBay and dealing with individuals. It was a lot easier to sell everything to Green Mountain Camera and be done with it.

Mary P.

Only good things to say. They were thorough, gave me a fair offer, and easy to deal with.

Josh L.