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Tiffen 52mm Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter

  • Provides 2 to 8 stops of light control

  • Thin profile ring - 9mm

  • Tiffen's ColorCoreā„¢ technology

  • Use to Create Blurs

  • Stop carrying multiple ND filters

  • 52mm Filter Size

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Why would you want a neutral density (ND) filter?

First, let's dissect the name. Starting with the second part of the name, "density". The density part of neutral density essentially means this type of filter darkens a scene. A neutral density filter absorbs light, allowing less light to enter the lens of your camera. The glass of ND filters is actually dark, as you would expect. The first part of the name "neutral density" means that this type of filter darkens in a way that is neutral. That is, it doesn't change the colors of your image, only darkens the image.

A lot of the time, photographers are needing or want more light, so why or when would you want a neutral density filter? Why would you ever want less light? There are two main reasons. When you want to use a slower shutter speed, or you want to use a larger aperture. If you are taking pictures of people on a bright sunny day, you might find your portraits look bland in the sense that there is too wide a depth of field. It is just too bright for you to be able to use a wide-enough aperture to capture a shallow depth of field that looks nice for portraits. Conversely, if you want to capture a long exposure, but there is too much light, a neutral density works perfectly. With a neutral density you can brilliantly capture a waterfall in one continuous, beautiful stream, without having to wait for the light to dim. Make sure, however, that you've brought a tripod along when using a neutral density in this way. Otherwise, you'll have very blurry images.

Why a variable neutral density filter?

Variable neutral density filters allow you to vary the density of the filter, without having to change filters! By spinning the ring, you can select the level of darkening you desire. Variable neutral density filters are a bit more expensive than normal, individual neutral density filters, but you do not have invest in multiple filters, and that means you don't have to carry as many filters around. In addition, unless you forget the variable ND completely, you won't have to worry about leaving any filters behind that you might have needed for that perfect shot.  

A note about variable ND filters. It helps to focus while the variable neutral density filter is set to its minimum setting. This provides much more light to you and your camera for more accurate focusing. Once the lens is focused correctly, simply switch the filter to the desired effect.

Tiffen filters are a quality choice

The Tiffen 52mm Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter is a great choice for the above reasons, and it is an overall good quality filter. It has a 52mm diameter to fit lenses that take 52mm screw-in type filters. Typically, the filter size a lens takes is noted somewhere on the lens, or in the lens specifications supplied by the manufacturer. Most modern lenses take screw-in type filters.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 25328
Warehouse Location 28
UPC/EAN 0884613012588
Manufacturer Part Number 52VND
Condition New
Manufacturer Tiffen
Filter Effect Neutral Density
Filter Shape Circular
Circular Size 52mm
Square/Rectangular Size No
Mail-In Promotion No
What's in the Box Filter