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Tiffen 55mm Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter

  • Produces deeper skies

  • Minimizes reflections

  • Can rotate for desired effect

  • Enhances Clouds

  • 55mm Filter Size

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Why would you want a circular polarizer filter?

There are several reasons why you would want to use a circular polarizer filter. With digital photography there are now many filters that can be mimicked using software like Adobe Photoshop. With some time and effort, filters like color filters or soft-focus filters can be mimicked digitally. Polarizing filters are one of those filter types that cannot be completely mimicked by digital means.

Photons of light entering our atmosphere are polarized in all directions. A polarizer filter weeds out polarized light that is not polarized in a certain direction, so that only light polarized a certain way enters your lens to create an image. How does this help you? Well, it means you can filter out reflected light from shiny surfaces. Reflected light off of water or glass can be filtered out, so you can see subjects behind glass or under water. This also works with surfaces like leaves that can reflect light. Using a polarizer filter can reduce the reflection of light coming off of leaves. By reducing these reflections the leaves will appear brighter and more saturated, so polarizers are great for sunnier days during foliage season. 

Polarizer filters are also used extensively for deepening the color of the sky. Polarizers spin on their mount and can be adjusted to deepen the color of the sky as much or as little as you like, and this is also true for controling reflections. 

What's circular about a circular polarizer?

Many people think the fact that a circular polarizer spins on its mount makes it "circular". This is not the case. When light that is only polarized a certain way passes through a polarizer, that specific polarization throws off TTL metering systems in cameras. There is, therefore, a plate attached to the backside of circular polarizer filters that circularly repolarizes the light, so TTL metering systems can work correctly.  

Please note that due to polarizers filtering out light of non-uniform polarity, it does have a dimming effect. Slower shutter speeds, higher ISOs, or larger apertures will be required when using a polarizer.

Tiffen filters are a quality choice

The Tiffen 55mm Circular Polarizer Filter is a great choice for the above reasons, and it is an overall good quality filter. It has a 55mm diameter to fit lenses that take 55mm screw-in type filters. Typically, the filter size a lens takes is noted somewhere on the lens, or in the lens specifications supplied by the manufacturer. Most modern lenses take screw-in type filters.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 467
Warehouse Location 28
UPC/EAN 0049383030358
Manufacturer Part Number 55CP
Condition New
Manufacturer Tiffen
Filter Effect Polarizing
Filter Shape Circular
Circular Size 55mm
Square/Rectangular Size No
Mail-In Promotion No
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