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Tiffen 86mm UV (Ultra Violet) Protector Filter 86C

  • Helps to Reduce UV Light

  • Reduces Bluish Cast of Daylight

  • General Protective Filter

  • Most Popular Protection Filter

  • 86mm Filter Size

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Why would you want a UV protector filter?

There are several reasons why you would want to use a UV (ultraviolet) filter. As the name of the filter implies, it is used to absorb UV light, which keeps the light from entering your lens and being part of the photograph. UV light is typically scattered by the atmosphere and is a major culprit in making things look hazy. Eliminating some of the UV light will help to reduce the haze in your pictures, which will make your images look sharper, more crisp. 

UV protector filters are also good for, well, protection. UV protector filters are a clear filter, so they have hardly any impact on image quality, besides the benifits mentioned above. This means UV protector filters can be left on your lens at all times, and with the filter attached to your lens all of the time, you will be less-likely to damage your more expensive lens that the filter is protecting. Let's say you have your lens around your neck and you turn sharply, right into the edge of a table. The edge of the table smashes into the filter, shattering it to pieces. Luckily you had a relatively inexpensive filter in the way of your lens so that the filter broke instead of your $200, $500, $1000 or more lens. Simply unscrew the filter and replace with a new one. 

Tiffen filters are a quality choice

The Tiffen 86mm UV Protector Filter is a great choice for these reasons. It has a 86mm diameter to fit lenses that take 86mm screw-in type filters. Typically, the filter size a lens takes is noted somewhere on the lens, or in the lens specifications supplied by the manufacturer. Most modern lenses take screw-in type filters.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 2738
Warehouse Location 28
UPC/EAN 049383187731
Manufacturer Part Number 86CUVP
Condition New
Manufacturer Tiffen
Filter Effect UV
Filter Shape Circular
Circular Size 86mm
Square/Rectangular Size No
Mail-In Promotion No
What's in the Box Filter